A Booty Grabbing Card Game

7 Seize is a speedy battle of pirate wits that's been designed from the start to be freely available. Anyone can play with common bits & bobs found around the home along with a standard deck of cards. There's a simple twist to 7 Seize; the heaviest collection of booty wins!

Download the Rules and DIY Instructions PDF here!

Or download a plain text version here!

Board Game Geek

7 Seize is the latest tabletop game from Jeep Barnett. Learn more about his design approch in this Reddit AMA, Code Duello, and the Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game interview below.

"On balance, 7 Seize is a game that's both easy to learn and fast to play. It's light enough that pretty much anyone can jump right in and have a good time, but it's also cutthroat enough to keep experienced gamers engaged and seeking revenge game after game."
-Dave Banks, Core Contributor, GeekDad

"Itís quite a feat when I can claim that a game mechanic crosses my path that I havenít seen very often."
-Vincent Paone, Dad's Gaming Additction

Our Kickstarter didn't succeed, but here's some info about it. This first small run of polished sets was to include: a custom deck of cards, 49 peices of booty, and a box that transforms into a balance scale for weighing your loot.

Each card would have its actions printed on the face for easy reference and features beautiful pirate art, hand painted by spicy print artist, Andrew Wilson.

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